Bottled water done better.

A hydrated office is a happy office. We’re proud to bottle Alta Purified Drinking Water and Spring Water in our own plant, which is approved by the State of California and the FDA, to ensure that the water you get is fresh, clean, and tastes great. Our Alta bottled water delivery service is an excellent option when you don’t have a water source handy.

Alta Spring Water

Enjoy pure, clean spring water direct from Baxter Springs in the beautiful Sierra Mountains. Nothing added, nothing changed—just clean, fresh water the way nature created it.

Alta Purified Water

Filtered by a multi-stage reverse osmosis process that removes all impurities and minerals, this pure, clean water is all your employees will taste.

No-Spill™ Water Safe System

All our Alta bottled water comes with a tamper-evident, self-sealing cap, so there are no spills, no splashes and no mess. Changing a bottle has never been simpler.