From green products to eco-friendly processes, sustainability is part of what we do

We offer an extensive selection of Direct Trade, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Organic and Local Roaster coffees, as well as energy-efficient equipment, compostable paper goods and biodegradable products for your kitchen and break room. Break room supplies >

Sustainable solutions are an important part of both our daily operations and how we help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. Our employees take an active role in driving the company’s sustainability initiatives and social responsibility goals. Being locally owned also enables us to implement new programs quickly and efficiently. Let us know if we can do better.

Eco-Friendly Filtration Systems for Any Office

Our popular ION or Interpure filtration systems provide an endless supply of environmentally friendly, pure, fresh and healthy drinking water without the impact of plastic bottles. The ION system is also made in the USA and offers unparalleled energy efficiency, saving customers up to 75% on electrical usage compared to other coolers. Find the system that’s right for you >

Environmental Operations

We prioritize sustainability within our own operations, including sourcing and partnering with locally owned suppliers and implementing in-house recycling programs. We are the only known office coffee service in the Bay Area to invest in a state-of-the-art de-liming method instead of employing traditional harsh chemical (acid) methods. In addition, we distribute products from five strategically located branches, allowing for less road time, less pollution and less fuel consumption. This reduces our carbon footprint while expediting our response time to better serve our customers.

A Commitment to Community

We consider all aspects of sustainability—from environmental to social and economic. We take great pleasure in providing local schools with new educational opportunities and supplies, we support several local organizations with coffee and equipment donations, and we’re longtime supporters of Coffee Kids, an international non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and families in coffee-growing regions around the world.