Mmmm, let us deliver the perfect blend of bites.

Satisfy and energize employees from the moment they step into the office with a wide selection of healthy drinks and allergy-free, organic and healthy snacks. Choose sweet and salty pick-me-ups from our office break room menu, or ask about our full-service program and let us take care of everything.

Full-Service Snacks and Beverage Program

Inspire happiness throughout the office with a ready supply of healthy drinks, healthy snacks and grab n’ go meal alternatives. From selection to delivery and usage reports, we’ll provide value, ease and variety to meet your needs and support your company’s health initiatives. Let us create a program just for you. SEE ALL >

Office Break Room Snacks

Boost energy and smiles by keeping your break room stocked with single-serving snacks and beverages. From cereal bars, to soups and jerky, to sweet and salty indulgences, we make it easy to satisfy your team. SEE ALL >

Brew a Cup of Happiness

Find coffee equipment, coffees and teas to fit every need, as well as everything you need to keep your team fresh and smiling.


Drink Up

A hydrated office is a happy office. Provide an endless supply of pure, healthy drinking water or sparkling water with our eco-friendly filtration systems, or ask about Alta bottled water.