Pure water for pure refreshment.

Boost smiles and energy with pure, fresh, great-tasting water and support your employees’ health. Choose from two eco-friendly and feature-rich water purification systems, which filter office water on-demand. Or, try our Alta Purified Drinking Water and Spring Water, which we bottle ourselves to ensure the highest standards of taste and health. We deliver, install and do the heavy lifting for you.

Water Purification Systems

Provide an endless supply of environmentally friendly, fresh and healthy drinking water with on-demand filtration and water purification systems. We offer the ION system with a sparkling water option, and the Water Logic 250 in a variety of configurations to fit any space. SEE ALL >

Bottled Water Done Better

Rethink your office water cooler while helping your team live healthier. We bottle fresh, great-tasting Alta Purified Drinking Water and Spring Water in our own plant, which is approved by the State of California and the FDA. SEE ALL >

Satisfy Your Team

Boost energy and inspiration with healthy, satisfying, organic snacks and beverages. We’ll work with you to take care of everything from selection to delivery and organization.


Brew a Cup of Happiness

Find coffee equipment, coffees and teas to fit every need, as well as everything you need to keep your team fresh and smiling.